▶ The Dead Pixel In My Soul – Lucas Thurston by Lucas Thurston

Tags: iteractivity n networking ryerson noise ambient experimental lucas thurston

“The Dead Pixel In My Soul” is an audio piece that represents my view of the future of interactivity and networking. Stemming from my work on my thesis project, which explores humanity’s dependency on technology, I decided to look at how humanity is altered through interactive and network technologies. Utilizing digital audio workstations, as well as a variety of human voice samples, “The Dead Pixel In My Soul” constructs an aural future where humanity exists almost entirely within digital environments and humanity’s previous understanding of reality is nearly non-existent. Droning synthesizers represent the constant flow of information over the internet, as digital percussion pounds out the complex timing within computers. Out of the miasma of digital sound emerges the digitally artifacted sounds of human voices, sampled from such films as “Total Recall” and “Bladerunner”. We hear the remnants of humanity echo through the flurry of the digital.

In this day in age, it is generally agreed upon that as humanity becomes more immersed and connected to technology there are a variety of benefits and issues. Hidden corporate and governmental influence through digital realities, as well as, the breakdown of basic human social interaction are both issues within our increasing connection to technology. However, one of the central issues is the blurring line between our physical reality and the realities created in digital environments. Gilles Deleuze and Fèlix Guattari described this as the ‘”deterritorialisation” of the human body, and claimed that this will be caused by its dispersion through multiple “reality manifestations”. This “deterritorialisation” of the human body is the focus of “The Dead Pixel In My Soul”, a warning of the future of interactivity and networking, where we are removed from our bodies, as well as our ability to be human.

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