1. 1.     Summary and Analysis of Reading  (50%)
  • Presentation (20%): In not more than 20mn, you will summarize the argument of the article you choose. You will then 1. analyze, 2. agree or disagree with the argument and 3. compare it to any we have read or to another of your own choice.
  • Facebook Group Discussion Lead (10%): On the week of your presentation, lead a discussion in Facebook. Assume everyone has already read the text.
    Look at these pages to get a sense of ewhat you need to do to prepare:

  1. Reflect on how this material relates to your life experience and future workplace.
    Reflect on leading the virtual discussion.

Reference: Reflective writing:

  1. 2.     In class participation  (10%)
  2. 3.     Final Assignment: (40%): Mini-Essay: What is the future of Interactivity and networking?

Using the medium of you choice, create a mini-essay that explores the future of interactivity and networking. Make sure you base your idea on concrete research, either from material we covered in class or using your own sources.
The essay must cite all the sources used:

  • If you choose a written form (no more then 3000 words): Use a bibliography and Chicago styles.
  • If you chose a media form (no more than 3 mn): Use credits and citation in the work.

References:  Chicago:


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